Teenage mothers to return to school

We have to endure and show them and their parents that you can start again after giving birth, so they should take the second chance we have been given.


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woman carries boy in orange shirt
woman carries boy in orange shirt

Jane is an orphan , aged 16, during the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19 when she became pregnant. She was tricked by a friend’s brother who led her into a trap and raped her. She missed her period, and the next, and the next. Even as her other name means joy, her life became a nightmare.

Abandoned by her father at birth and later deserted by her mother who got married to another man, Jane was taken up by her aunt who has been providing for her all her life. Being pregnant under her roof was so shameful, regardless of the circumstances and Sarah’s first thought was to commit suicide. From their home in Kiboga City in Uganda, she walked to a small forest in the outskirts intending to end her life.

That is where one of her friends, Annet found her as she tried to figure out how to end it all. Annet is a peer educator at MKRFA, She spends her free time talking to fellow adolescents about their reproductive health. She managed to get Jane to confirm rumours of her pregnancy. Annet managed to talk Jane out of her suicide plan.

Jane then insisted that the least she could settle for was abortion, since the boy who had raped her had denied her, saying he was not responsible for her pregnancy. But Ann explained that abortion was highly risky and promised to stand with her through her pregnancy until she delivered and would even ensure she returned to school. Both girls were supposed to transition to Senior Four when schools re-opened. Both have the same dream – training to become nurses.

It wasn’t easy but Ann convinced Jane’s aunt to forgive her. Ann used her transport allowance from MKRFA worth US$18 a month on Jane’s expenses going for ante-natal care and shopping to prepare for the baby. Finally, the baby boy, now two months, was born. They named him Peter! Jane’s Aunt even employed a nanny to stay with Peter during the day until school closes in the evening